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  • The Gemmotherapy combination of Abies Alba and Betula Verrucosa is very favorable for all primary and secondary growth conditions. Abies Alba prompts auto-regeneration, while Betula Verrucosa regenerates the "terrain". Abies Alba is also supportive of the throat. 
  • When used alternately, they create a very effective remedy combination in pediatric care. This remedy is indicated for conditions such as decalcification, rickets, dental caries, fractures, rhinopharyngitis and throat infections in children, tonsillitis, intellectual exhaustion and porous bones. 
  • Gemmotherapy uses the extracts of fresh buds, young shoots, rootlets, or saps from developing plants, where the plant's life essence is at its peak in the young growths. 
  • UNDA Gemmotherapy remedies are prepared in a natural glycerin and organic ethanol medium, which is then filtered and potentized at a 1/10th dilution (1X Hahnemannian) in a pure water, natural glycerin and organic ethanol medium. 
  • These complex remedies are macerated for increased patient compliance. This methodology captures the most complete set of highly-concentrated active constituents necessary for tissue regeneration, favorable growth development and essential drainage properties. 
  • UNDA Gemmotherapy facilitates Biotherapeutic Drainage and is an excellent adjunct to the UNDA Numbered Compounds.

Suggested Use:

Adults: 50 drops(1/2 teaspoon) one to three times daily. Children under 12:15 to 25 drops one to three times daily.
50 drops (1/2 tsp) 

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Abies pectinata i Fir Tree - Bud ... 1X     *

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Joy H.


mary w.

Have used this product for several years and it seems to do the prescribed job.

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