Our mission is to provide a reliable source of knowledge and scientifically-proven health supplements of the highest quality to help our clients reach their health and wellness goals.

Supplement First’s team of nutritional experts spends a great deal of effort evaluating products to ensure we only carry top quality health supplements and natural herbal supplements that have been developed, produced, and rigorously tested in professional, scientific environments. 

All of our supplements have been clinically tested over lengthy time periods in multiple studies to conclusively prove their effectiveness and safety.  The results of these studies are critically reviewed and published in reputable scientific journals.  Supplement First makes these published results available to our clients so you can be sure of the product’s effectiveness and safety.

All supplements carried by Supplement First are produced in the USA in sanitary, highly-regulated facilities operating under FDA mandated Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices.  We never carry products made in developing counties where quality, product safety, and sanitary standards are suspect.

Our top priority is to help our clients purchase safe and effective products that help maintain a healthy body and mind.     

Our Nutrition Expert:

Dr. James G. Elliott, Ph.D.

Director of Nutrition & Supplement First Co-founder

Dr. Elliott has been a clinical nutrition researcher in the food and nutritional supplement industries for over 40 years.  During this time, Dr. Elliott has helped develop a number of the leading nutritional health products found on the market today.  Furthermore, he has managed clinical nutrition studies to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of these products.  He knows from first hand experience which products work and which simply do not. He brings his expertise to Supplements First to research and select the best products for sale to our clients so we can offer the best assurance and best value. He is continually working on new solutions to health problems that can be managed with dietary supplements.

As an advocate and consumer of dietary health supplements, Dr. Elliott became concerned with the vast amount of unsafe, ineffective “supplements” being sold today. 

“Many of the so-called supplements being sold today are a waste of money.  These products are not based on any scientific evidence and have never been tested.  They are simply fakes and do not work!  In addition, many supplements are made in low cost developing countries where product quality and product safety levels are often left to chance.  Laboratory analyses have found pesticide residue and other contaminants in a lot of supplements imported for these countries.  Although the FDA regulated the dietary supplement industry it cannot test all products on the market.  You have to rely on trusted sources.”     

Dr. Elliott started Supplement First to use his extensive knowledge of health supplements to help consumers choose safe effective supplements. Supplement First’s nutritional team, led by Dr. Elliott, conducts in-depth research to carefully select all the products we carry.  Only the highest quality scientifically-proven health supplements pass the team’s rigorous selection criteria.