Dr. Mercola Greener Cleaner Dishwasher Pods

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  • Dr. Mercola Greener Cleaner Dishwasher Pods is just that!
  • My dishwasher detergent is Made of only top-quality, premium plant and mineral ingredients.
  • Completely chemical-free including NO phosphates, SLS, fragrances, or chlorine.
  • Free from all dyes, eliminating allergy problems found with other cleaners.
  • Better for the earth, with biodegradable ingredients that are safe for aquatic life and waterways.
  • Highly concentrated with no water added to dilute effectiveness, resulting in grease-free, spotless dishes.


Sodium citrate, sodium carbonate peroxide, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, sodium metasilicate, linear alcohol ethoxylate, tetrasodium iminodisuccinate, sodium polyaspartate, hydrated silica, amylase enzyme blend, subtilisin enzyme blend, polyvinyl alcohol.


Dry hands before handling dishwasher pouch. Place one (1) dishwasher pouch in the main dishwasher detergent dispenser and close. Run the dishwasher according to the manufacturer's instructions. Reseal bag after each use.


Keep out of reach of children, Harmful if swallowed. Skin and eye irritant. If swallowed, drink a full glass of water, do not induce vomiting, and, seek immediate medical advice. In case of eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. In case of skin contact, wash off with water. Do not inhale or handle with wet hands.

Warning - Contents under pressure.

Do not puncture or incinerate individual dishwasher pouches. Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures above 120° F.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, mitigate, diagnose or cure any disease.

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Emma L.F.
laundry and dishwasher soap

My daughters and I love the laundry and dishwasher soap. i would recommend it to everyone.

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