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A Life Saver

I was diagnosed a few years ago by two doctors as having interstitial cystitis, and the only treatment they said I could do was: "watch what you eat and drink; there is no cure." This is a very painful condition with no relief at all. I felt depressed and had no hope for relief from the pain which was unrelenting.

A functional medicine pharmacist told me about Cysto Renew, and indeed this was a life saver for me. Within a week of using these capsules to help with my condition, my symptoms diminished. It was amazing! I am so grateful to Dr. Geo for creating the formula for this product. Eventually, the interstitial cystitis was resolved and I no longer needed the product.

Occasionally (around holidays when I am eating foods with high histamines, gluten, or consuming fermented foods), the "tingling sensation" will show up again. All I have to do is resume taking the Cysto Renew for a couple of weeks and eliminate foods which irritate the lining of my bladder, and I am feeling great again with no symptoms. I believe that interstitial cystitis is one of the worse conditions a person can develop as it leads to physical as well as psychological and social symptoms. Thank you for the part you play in "getting the word out" and providing an opportunity for people who are suffering to find some relief from their constant pain and discomfort.

Seems to be helping

As long as I remember to take it twice a day it definitely helps with the pain although I will still have a flare up from time to time. I still have to urinate way too often but I am happy to not have the pain.


Have been taking Renew for several years. Has helped keep my cystitis under control. I take 2 a day (one in the morning and one at supper time) and 1 to 2 more if I have a flare up, which isn't very often. I do not take and prescriptions.


I am pleased with the results I am getting using Cysto Renew.


Wow, I love this stuff. I have been using it about two weeks and this is the first time in many years I feel like a normal person. I don't have to get up 5 times a night -- usually 1-2 now; my sleep is much better. Why didn't my urologist tell me about this?

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