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I find that this product lasts all nite. I have used products from pure encapsulations and I am usually not a supplement taker but I find their products to be very effective. Love the B 12

Wonderful! Stopped sweating!

My 25-year-old son sweated profusely and went through three shirts a day at work. This supplement has ended his misery and he no longer sweats. It has been life-changing for him.

It works!

Really helps with nail strength and hair shedding

Magnesium citrate

I take two per night and things work really great.

Most impact of any supplement I’ve ever taken’

I have MTHFR issues, and avoiding folic acid and taking this version of folate and other B’s made a huge difference in my health—sleep, mood, energy, and clarity are all greatly improved!

Oscap Plus is Effective

I take Oscap Plus and it helps with restless legs and leg pain. If I skip it for a few days the pain comes back but it goes away soon after I start Oscap again.

Fantastic, I have more energy

I had meant to try these for just a month but now I think I'll keep taking them

Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate

Inflammations for joint relief

Been a help to me.

Pleasantly smooth service all the way!

First time order with Supplement First and won’t be the last.
Fast delivery and great service.

Prescribed by my doctor

Prescribed by my doctor, Therefore it’s what I have continued to do and I am happy with the results.

Great Product!!!

Love Pure Encapsulations because they don’t put fillers and chemicals in their products.

Great results

This bottle of herbs carditone is very effective in controlling my blood pressure

Professional Formulas Intesticalm

Jigsaw Health Electrolyte Supreme - Lemon Lime

Douglas Laboratories Homocystrol+TMG

Really great product — delighted to have found it .

Douglas Laboratories B-Complex Capsules

Meet all my expectations day and night 😀😀


Greatly helped my stomachs ability to digest fats! So, so helpful and I no longer have stomach pains with sensitive simple and I’ve been researching and looking for solutions for so long!

Pure Encapsulations O.N.E. Multivitamin

This is the best, most complete multivitamin I have ever used. I have trust in how it is formulated and am confident this is the best one for me.

I don't really notice a difference. I'm not sure that it's working like it says it would.


It seems to make a difference in my daughter that has Autism/ ADHD. Thank you for asking, my opinion.

Priority One Thyroid Plus

Been taking it for many years and has helped me tremendously.


A hyper-intelligent scientist, Mitchell Becker, MD, would not recommend any other brand of turmetic. So I listened and I am glad I did.