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Myocalm is a staple

I've used Metagenics Myocalm for several years to relax muscles after strenuous work and also to supplement my magnesium now and then when nighttime leg cramps flare up. I est very healthy, but sometimes my diet doesn't include enough magnesium, so the Myocalm is a great way to supplement.

Love this stuff

Amazing product!! Took the red down and swelling immediately, love that it is all natural!!

Best DHA

Have tried multiple DHA supplements, these are the best.

Genestra Brands TADS


I can’t tell that this supplement has had any effect on me unfortunately. I was very excited about it but haven’t felt any difference.

Fantastic job!!

Just wonderful to know the product was available! Thank you!

Supplement Order

Was my second order with Douglas Labs. No problems, was alert via email each step of the way on the status of my order. Quality products.


I had on and off stomach problem last 20years and was taking Omeprazole for 3 years. I quit to take omeprazole since I take this product and I feel much better! I recommend this product to anybody who has stomach problem.

good product

I recommended

Works well

I have slept well since taking this product.

Energetix Phyto Cal-Mag Plus


So glad that I found Pure Encapsulations Vitamins. This a brand that I really trust. The Vitamin D3 5000iu has raised my vitamin D levels from 24 to 35.2 in 5 months. Most people are deficient in vitamin D and don’t know it. The Standard American diet (SAD) consist of mostly processed and fast foods that provide ever little nutritional value. Everyone should ask their doctor if they need to be taking supplements! Thanks for the great vitamins!

Very Helpful

These seem to work well for me. I have digestive issues and if I take these before I eat they help a great deal.

GI Digest

This product helps to keep abdominal pain and bloating reduced with high fiber foods. One to two capsules work well.

Necessary Help for ME/CFS

D-Ribose M (with magnesium) is a product everyone with Chronic Fatigue should try. It can make a significant difference in your everyday life, in the way you feel, and the way you can navigate through the tough days. It is not a "wonder" drug; it is a naturally occurring substance that targets the centers of energy-producing areas. The magnesium is often recommended for patients of this horrible disease as well.

Loved It!

The size of this capsule is so much better than the last brand I was taking. I will stay with pure Encapsulations.

Great pain reliever for all joints

Worth the cost for my wife’s relief


Great product to use daily. Reduced my frequency of headaches.



good product

5* as advertised. Product with these quantities of enzyme are hard to find.

Great stuff!

I’m hoping to see if this will aid the process of me trying to conceive!

Product as advertised and propery delivered

Some days passed between the order acknowledgements and the announcement of shipment and I was starting to worry, but in the end the supplements arrived promptly and were as ordered.

Small container!

This product seems to be helping but it’s so small and I have to order a lot!!!

UNDA #74
Feel great!

I’ve been on this (among other homeopathics) and have noticed clearer skin, more energy, and I feel so much better! So, I’m praying that the toxins are being flushed out ! A month and a wk into my “detox” I am feeling so different and my sugar cravings....GONE!!! That in itself is a miracle! I didn’t even realize when it happened but it did. My new lifestyle changes are working😬