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Great Supplement source

I use this supplement and am always looking for a discounted price. Thanks for delivering so quickly.

good stuff

my body likes it, help calm my gut and keep me regular!

Metagenics D3 10,000 with K2

Great quality

It’s great to take. It’s been just a few weeks, but I can see the difference in my skin tone. It got brightened.

I don’t like that it has the gum preservatives in it .

Nature's Way Gotu Kola Herb 475 mg

Good stuff

It is good stuff. Easy to swallow

Excellent source of Cal/Mag

This is just what my Dr. ordered.


Very good customer service.

Natures Way Phosphatdylserine

This is a great supplement for cognitive function and you really feel the difference in terms of being alert and ready to take on multiple cognitive functions.It helps handle life’s daily stressors too!

So helpful

A naturopath doctor recommended this to me for my pms symptoms and it helps soo much! Just ask my husband;) take 2 a day for the last 17 or so days of my cycle. Zero side effects, love this stuff !

Works well in smoothies

Dissolves easily, blends well with fruit flavors.

Life Extension Super Ubiquinol Cq10 with PQQ is fantastic!

This is a great supplement to help your heart and provides support for the brain as well. I feel wonderful taking it! It adds to your life and gives back that muscle strength to your heart.


It is

Recommended by my naturopath

Big softgels, but I swear they help me see better. I've used them for quite a while now, sort to head off the issues that come with aging. I figure if my naturopath recommends it, it's good for me.

CuraPro (Curcumin)

CuraPro has helped with inflammation regarding my arthritis and planter fasciitis.

IntestiMax really works!!!

I have virtually no bloating anymore. My stomachs looks & feels flatter, & I feel better!!! One scoop every morning for the past month and a half!!!

Great Company

Love this formula. Actually love all their formulas!

Douglas Laboratories C-1000

Douglas Laboratories Multi-Probiotic 4000


I was very surprised when the package arrived the very next day!! I appreciate the efficiency in that. I will definitely consider this when ordering my next bottle of Pro Omega. Thank you very much.

Love this brand, integrative therapeutics

Love this brand, integrative therapeutics- going for the Daily Energy B next order

Chelated magnesium

Great product


This is such a GREAT product!! I take it for my knees. I am a triathlete and participate in events where I swim, bike and run. I could not do what I do if it weren't for this product!!