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Vitamin C - simple antioxidant

I take vitamin C to boost my immune system. Douglas Laboratories keep it simple by providing one vitamin C pill with 1000 mg. I take a conglomeration of vitamins to stay healthy and this vitamin C is now part of my daily regimen to boost my immune system.

Pure Encapsulations

This is making a difference in my hair. It was getting thin and now much stronger.

Vit D

A pill is a pill. In the case of the vitamin D pill by Douglas Labs, the potency must be high. My internist always says that I should drop my dose in half. Meanwhile I am quite healthy…quite healthy.

Ken's review

Works great!


Liked them

NBI Osteo-K®
Nancy E.

Received promptly. Great customer service. I love that.

Pure Encapsulations MethylAssist

Five stars

Very helpful with my memory long term and short term

Great product and service

this is the third time I’ve ordered this product works great especially there customer service that they provide.
thank you

Integrative Therapeutics NAC 600 mg

Pro Omega LDL

The Pro Omega LDL really works. My total cholesterol was around 188 with taking it and my LDL’s lowered. Then the company I purchased it from ran out for 4 months. When I had more blood work my total cholesterol increased to 236. So this supplement really works. I searched internet and found it again and ordered 2 bottles. I will continue to take this for better health. Becky

Junior nutrients

Love this, I'm glad it's been made!

Pure Encapsulations Best Rest Formula

Great Multivitamin

Really like this supplement. Non-GMO and no magnesium stearate in the capsule. Product is very pure and does it's job.

Genestra Brands HMF Multi Strain

Appears to be working well

My only measure of how effective this product is is that I'm not getting sick. I like that it comes in an encapsulated powder form and not pressed into a pill.

Superior quality

My optometrist recommendation this product so I chose this brand and have been very happy with it.

Pure Encapsulations O.N.E. Multivitamin

Mag Citrate

Product seemed fresh


Dr. Mercola's complete probiotics for women are superior to ALL the other bands I have tried. I have made the switch. Super happy!

Works great

Trans-Resveratrol with Quercetin

The combination of two important supplements in fostering immune support works well in my daily supplements .

Heard this was the best supplement

Went by word of mouth from educated health care workers

Energy and clear thinking

My nurse practitioner mentioned that she takes this supplement so I thought I’d try it. I’ve been taking it for a couple of months now and I’m really happy with it. I have a to. Of energy, my thinking is clear and I handle stress moderately well now. I’m 60.

Lypo Gold

This product has been most helpful. I vary my product consumption according to the meal I'm about to eat: Enzymedica Digest, Enzymedica Digest Spectrum, Enzymedica Lyo Gold. Depend upon them all to get me through the week and to allow me a wide range of meals.