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A good enzyme for digestion and a good price


These drops are great! I’ve used them for years.

IT CoQ10

All of Integrative Therapeutics products are of high quality so I'm not surprised that their CoQ10 100mg is the best of any CoQ10 that I have tried.

Olive leaf

I recommend the olive leaf daily to help prevent all the winter diseases!

Cal Meg plus

Cal Meg taste good it is very easy to do great drink.

L- serine

My sleep has improved since I began taking L-serine.

Good service

Items arrived timely

Hidden benefits

Bone health, sleep, muscles cramp control just a few of the benefits from this supplement.

Improved my skin

After finishing a jar of L- Carnosine, I feel that my skin has improved. My skin is smoother and has a healthier glow. I also feel like I have more energy.

Great Complement with Calcium

A friend told me that taking vitamin K1 & K2 in tandem with calcium helps the body absorb calcium better. Pure Encap Synergy has both in one tablet. So I decided to give it a try. Bone health is important to me, so I do whatever I can to improve my bones. I also primarily use Pure Encap because of the clean ingredients. I've been using now for almost a year.

Pure Encapsulations Glucosamine Chondroitin with MSM

hair loss

found this product to be helpful stronger nails and healthier hair

Fantastic Supplement

I use this religiously and it is my go-to for thyroid balancing.

ease of mind

refrigerated hypo alergenic product introduces good bacteria into the gut

Pure Magnesium Glycinate

I was using a podiatrist recommendedsupplement for relief of peripheral neuropathy. It contained some added chemicals that I didn't know about. Pure brand Magnesium Glycinate contained none, so I started using it instead and have been very pleased with the results.

I'm hooked on Douglas Labs liquid D & K

I will b reordering this product very often. Tastes great and is perfect aside from the price. You pay a lot to get a little. Still going to buy it though.


Very good love the product helps me sleep

Have used fo 25 years

I have Huntingtons disease. My symptoms stay at bay if I use your Q10. I started using 200 mg a day in my 40’s, I am now 68 and use 1,200 mg a day. I could use any discount you have. I have tried other brands, but my symptoms start again. Please keep making the 300 mg chewable 😘

Douglas Labs multi-probiotic 40 million

Excellent supplement!

My use of Pure Encapsulations Men's Pure Pack

Since using this for the past year and a half - I feel better, my chronic trigger thumb has virtually disappeared and my ocular pressures (eyes) related to open angle glaucoma have come down dramatically. (I've been diagnosed with glaucoma in one eye for 30+ years). The benefits are amazing.

How I like Chromium GRF 200?

Been taking this product for many years, My doctor told me it helps my kidneys. I was getting them from him and he no longer carries it, and he got me in touch with you guys. M. King

Nature's Way Devil's claw

SO great for dealing with inflamation - I use it often!

PS Plus

Although it is somewhat difficult to accurately quantify how well or by how much a product is actually helping with cognitive functioning, having tried a couple of other manufacturers product I am comfortable stating that I do feel 'clearer' and able to process mentally challenging tasks noticeably better with the Pure Encapsulations PS Plus product than any of the others I have tried. In my opinion, it is likely because of the emphasis Pure Encapsulations places in regard to the quality of ingredients that they insist upon.


excellent - great service and product . will continue to buy from supplement first.