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Gaia Herbs Natural Laxative Tablets

Love this supplement!

Excellent product

This product helps me sleep better and it also alleviates my headaches. It’s great and I’m thankful for it!

Douglas Vitamin B12 formulated with Hydroxycobalamin

I could never get my Vitamin B12 levels up to par, but after taking this product, the blood test for B12 came out normal

Genestra Brands Magnesium

Pure Encapsulations Disc-Flex


This supplement has helped my sleep issues. I never used to sleep through the night or very soundly at all. After a few weeks I am sleeping soundly and all the way through the night.


I have used it for several years now. It helps to keep me asleep at night and also helps to keep you regular

quality products

Great quality products that are quickly accessible. A very easy 'go to' choice for my supplements.


Great service, prompt delivery.

Love that they desolve under the tongue

These are perfect! I have a sensitive stomach and the capsule ones irritate my stomach. These desolve under the tongue and save stomach irritation. They can also be swallowed if preferred.

Professional Formulas Magnesium Complex

Very helpful with filling the order


I have been taking Integrative Therapeutics RHODIOLA every day for past 6 months: no coffee or other stimulants; just one 300 mg capsule when I wake up in the morning. It gives me tremendous energy and focus throughout the day without any nervousness! My wife was feeling sluggish & exhausted with the long hours in her job until she started taking one RHODIOLA when she wakes up too; and has had the same positive experience: no more feeling sluggish or exhausted, no more need for caffeine; just very energetic throughout her long days.

And Supplement First is a five-star seller too: excellent customer service & quick delivery!

Great B complex

Maintenance B Complex is a high quality, balanced B complex vitamin. I highly recommend it if you are looking to make sure you get all your B,s in one pill.

Genestra Phtyto Greens

This product is no longer a great product for alkalinizing your blood. It is because the company changed the formula to include fewer leafy greens from herbs, and more fruits. Another disadvantage of that is that it makes it sweet to the taste, which confutes one's own salivary notification that one is eating bitter herbs, as was the case before. I have switched, after an exhaustive search to Phresh Greens, a product that contains no sugar, no stevia and only the green leaves from cereals and herbs, plus spirulina.

One of the best digestive enzymes

Since my gallbladder was removed i have been taking Douglas enzymes which really help my digestion i could not do it without it.

Bone Builder Forte

I would recommend Bone Builder Forte to any person who has a family history of brittle bones. I have been taking Bone Builder Forte for the past six months an excited for my next bone scan. Looking forward to the results.

Vitamin B12

My Dr. recommended Douglas Laboratories for my B12 vitamins and I’ve been a customers for 10+ years now. Excellent quality.

I can tell when I don't use it.

Thyroid Support

I have been on P E Thyroid capsules long enough to feel healthier w/ support.