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Glucosamine Plus

I have confidence in Douglas Laboratories. I have used a number of their products. I am pleased that in taking this glucosamine product my knee arthritis has not progressed. At 88 I am still quite active and hope to remain so. I can’t
expect a reversal in my condition so I am content.

What a difference!

I have taken B-complex for years and never knew that there was a different formula that my body would absorb better. Within the first week, my fatigue level improved, as did muscle fatigue. I stand all day at my job and my legs don't ache at night after my shift anymore. I am so thankful I found Integrative Therapeutics!

Best Product for Health
Have been taking this supplement for several years and believe it has helped me immensely. Highly recommend to anyone.

Biobody PC

This was recommended by my doctor.

Progressive Labs Nattokinase

Great product and reasonably priced! I take it before going to bed!

These are perfect!

Super helpful supplements.

Love everything by pure encapsulations

Love everything by pure encapsulations… always amazing stuff

Gentle on stomach

This is the best iron product that I have found over the many years of taking iron, doesn't bother my stomach at all or cause any constipation. My partner had a noticeable difference in his energy within a couple of weeks of starting a daily dose. Would highly recommend.

I have taken it for over six years and have been very satisfied with the results. My reaction ti ChokesterinumPlex.

Great service

Good supplement-No problems



It works.

I have used it for years and it works.

Love this!

My sister has diverticulitis and I got this for her and it really helped. I also developed the same problem and it worked for me too.

Best Decision Ever!

I purchased my first bottle six weeks ago and got my lab results total cholesterol, LDL, and NON-HDL numbers dropped over 30 points. I will be ordering a second bottle!

Osteo Nutrients with K2-7

I'm happy to be taking Osteo Nutrients with Vitamins K2-7 as I feel I am getting more than just the essential calcium my body needs but also the important lesser known vitamins K 2-7.


Everything was great. Thank you!!

Nitric Oxide Support!

I have been taking this for years. I add it to my water bottle before tennis, hot yoga and running. I can feel a real difference in my stamina and recovery time👍👍

Zero after taste!

Supports health in my brain!

Love it.


I am very please with Priority One Thryoid. Works well.

Great product

Best product for weight management

Did the job

I was advised by my doctor to take this version because cheaper versions from the box stores left me deficient according to a micronutrient test. Teat was redone a couple years later and deficiency was found to be totally resolved.

Used this for years

My “go to” multi vitamin for years.

Reliable source of DHEA

I have been taking DHEA plus for years. It gives me more energy and clearer thinking. Douglas Labs is a safe/effective provider.