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Great probiotic!

I will buy this probiotic again.

Excellent product

Pure Encapsulations brand provides excellent products, and Benfomax is no exception. Easy to swallow capsules and allergy friendly!

Increases d blood levels

I had been taking a non liposomal d3 and my blood level was 53( barely adequate) and after taking the Dr Mercola liposomal d3 my blood level increased to 84. It may be a bit more expensive but well worth the results.

Best D-mannose I have taken for UTI's definitely recommend it!!

Pancreatic enzymes

These enzymes seem to work ! Most , if not all of the symptoms have gone away as long as I take the enzymes prior to a meal.

UNDA #240
John C.
UNDA #240 works on body aches

Helps reduce my body aches, even more as I get older. It was recommended by my naturopathic doctor.

Great Company

I have not had any problems in dealing with this company. Their products are great. This company was recommended by my Doctor, and they have not disappointed. Thanks for the great service.

Rapid Release

I like the formula strength ratio per each 1 tablet. Product freshness date met my satisfaction. I once personally owned & operated a Natural Health Food / Vitamin store for 7 years in mid 90's. I carried "Source Naturals" line in my store.

Ultra preventative lll 25 year customer

I’ve been taking the full daily dose for over 25 years! My friends comment that I just never get sick, and I’ve NOT had the C shots and have NOT had ANY COVID symptoms. I’m 75 and don’t even get a cold. You have the best combination of supplements In the ultra Prev lll
THANK YOU FOR STAYING on the cutting edge of nutritional supplements

It works for me!

I’ve used a couple different Ashwagandha brands over the years primarily for mood support and sleep. Pure Encapsulations seems to be a great fit for me.

Five Star!

My first order with Supplements First and I was very pleased. They carry several brands that I use and my most recent purchase of Douglass Labs B-Complex was perfect. I’ve been talking this B-12 for many years and very pleased with this formula.

No More Expensive Pancreatic Enzyme

Supplement First has made it very affordable to have pancreatic enzymes that I need

Proomega 2000 D

Love this product! I feel so much better & my rash went away. The first bottle came clumped together & this company quickly replaced it for me at no charge! I love their website & all their helpful information! And great customer service! And this great quality product! Thank u!

a generous amount of specialized pro-resolving mediators

many competing companies offer a lower amount of resolving mediators but Thorne offers 300mcg and a two month supply rather than a one month supply. this is a very economical solution for me plus getting a quality product.

Immunity boost!

I take Astra C as an immune booster. It helps shorten the duration of a cold and really helps with keeping colds away. I really like it!

Great Product, Great Price!

I have been using Optivite PMT for over 15 years! Originally started for fertility, I now continue as a well-rounded supplement for hypo-thyroidism. My husband calls them my "happy pills" because he definitely notices if I stop taking them. Supplement First is the best price I have found, and they always get them here right on schedule.

Loving it!

Started taking this at the recommendation of my acupuncturist. Reasonable price, great product.

So far so good!

First of all, I love the Nordic Naturals brand. Second, have had joint pain for awhile with arthritis now starting. There's definitely been a decrease in joint pain since starting this.

Bacteria chord

Excellent product. Results quicker than expected.

Helps quench my thirst

Since I started using ReHydration, I don't feel as thirsty all the time.

Doctor recommends!

Calcium K/D protects both my bones and heart. Doctor recommended Pure Encapsilations as a great company. Supplement First is reliable and shipments arrive soon!

Great priduct

Take it daily and happy with it

Tastes terrible, but works

The taste is nasty, but it does work well. Now I chew it with a bit of water in my mouth then try and swallow it at once to avoid the bad taste. It works pretty well.

Love Trace Minerals

I use Trace Minerals as a nighttime 🌙 staple to promote a healthy mouth while I sleep . It’s refreshing and soothing . I am eager to see positive effects as I continue to use it on a regular basis .

So Relaxing

I enjoy this product very much! It truly relaxes me and I do sleep better at the end of the day!!