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Nordic Naturals ProOmega Lemon


This really helps me with restful legs and sleeping. I am grateful for this aid.

Great mushrooms!

I believe these have helped my immune system to ward off covid. High quality product! As are all the products on this website.


I like what I ordered.

Excellent quality

Stronger nails after one month

I haven't been taking these long enough to know if my hair has improved, but my nails are already much stronger and do not split down the middle!

Sequoia Gigantea

This supplement is very effective for reducing mild/moderate benign hypertrophic prostatitis.
I took 25 drops twice per day for 3 weeks, and am seeing a change and reduction in micturition, better urine flow, and increased libido.
I sense that the estrogen mimickers in plastics that are pervasive in our food chain and environment, inextricably affect BHP in men over 40.
This is an underlying effect of the prevalence in our world and time, that has increased and is affecting men’s health and reproductive health.

Pure Encapsulations NAC 600mg

Nordic Naturals

This shipment came very quickly. The process of ordering was very easy.

Mushrooms work

I have found mushrooms in several forms to work very well. Depending on the type of mushroom I notice an increase in my energy, performance, thinking, or ability to relax. However, they have to be very high-quality mushrooms, processed correctly. My GP recommended this brand and I have not been disappointed.


No problems.

Life Saver

I've used Black Cohosh Root for years for night sweats due to menopause. If I forget to take it, I will not be able to sleep for long. I will wake up drenched in sweat. Its been a miracle drug for me!

Aller-chord F

This formula works so well and naturally for me. I must use it regularly but it is worth it. I often have to clear my throat from drainage when I'm working and this helps to clear it in minutes.

Nerve complex

Very good! Naturapath and Chiroprator approved the ingredients LC

Great product!!

I’ve been talking Phydo rad for about 14 years.. daily and I very rarely get colds or anything... it really keeps your immune system good.. if I feel I’m getting sick I’ll double up on it and by the next day the symptoms are gone.. I recommend this product highly..

Good product

This is the brand recommended by my acupuncturist and it is a quality product.

B-12 It Works!

Tried several, but this one works and it will not disintegrate in the container like some of the others.

Great service

Always good!

My favorite vitamin D.

They are great!

They are easy to swallow and easy on your stomach!

Great product

I take omega 3 fatty acids to help with my cholesterol. This product works well and has NO aftertaste. Big deal as I reflux everything.

Great product

Been using this probiotic for a long time. It has helped me maintain a healthy digestive system!

Great Product!!

Have taken quite a few different Magnesium s supplements, but there is something different about SupraMag. It is really seeming to make a difference, and I am sleeping much better. Thank You!!!

It's unbelievable

What I saw come out. Also, every time you go, your energy level goes up like you have unloaded poison. I did research and saw that many types of parasites cause cancer and other types of disease. Something doctors don't mention but many during surgeries run across parasites. There's one type called flukes, and weird one called a cancer fuzzy that especially seemed to show up during female-type surgeries. If you have pets, it is very important to worm yourself, too.

Solid supplement. I take it daily. No aftertaste.