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  •  UNDA Febriplex is a unique homeopathic preparation specifically formulated to be used during febrile conditions. 
  • Fevers reflect elevations of body temperature above normal values. The emergence of a fever is commonly due to viral or bacterial infections, as well as non-infectious factors such as allergic reactions, physiological stressors, inflammation or trauma. In many instances, a fever is a normal response. It typically indicates the body' attempt at dealing with the illness at hand and it should not be suppressed unless it is too high. 
  • Febriplex follows and supports the pathology of a fever, while encouraging the body' natural reaction. Febriplex is a homeopathic remedy used to relieve symptoms associated with colds such as fever and pain. For the best effects, Febriplex should be taken at the early onset of the fever. 
  • Plex Remedies are condition-specific homeopathic specialties prepared in low dilutions and are recommended for acute and chronic ailments. The product range helps support: the digestive, hormonal, immune, musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, skin, oral and vascular systems.


Each Tablet Contains/ Cheque cornprime continent:

Aconitum napellus (Aconite) Whole Plant/ Plante entiere d'Aconitum weals (Cascra de Jupiter) ... 6X

Am/ca montane (Leopard's bane) Underground Parts/ Parties souterraines d'Amice montane (Arnica des montagnes) ... 8X

Eupatorium pedolistum (Boneset) AecialParts/ Parties aeriennes cl'Eupatorium perfolistum (Eupatoire petiole) ... 10X

Belladonna (Deadly nightshade) Whole Plant/ Plante entitle de Belladonna (Belladone) ... 8X

Selsemium sempervirens (Yellow jessamine) Underground Parts/ Parties souterrames de Gelsensum sempemrens (Jasmin de Caroline) ... 12X

Aercurius so/tibias (Hahnemants soluble mercury/ Mercure soluble d'Hahnemann) ... 10X

Fatus toxiccdendran (Poison ivy) Leafy Unwoody Twigs/ Ftameaux feuires non lignites de tabus toncodendmo (Sumac veneneux) ... 8X

Other Ingredients:

Xylitol, carmellose sodium, lactose monohydrate. magnesium stearate
Ingredients non medicinaux : XylitoL carmellose de sodium, lactose monohydrate. sterate de magnesium.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, mitigate, diagnose or cure any disease.

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