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Carlson Elite Omega-3 Gems

Carlson Elite Omega-3 Gems Provide Pure and Fresh Omega-3’s


Retail Price: $29.90
Manufacturer: Carlson


  • Carlson Elite Omega-3 Gems contain 1250 mg of a concentrate of fish body oils from deep, cold water fish which are especially rich in the important omega-3's EPA and DHA
  • Carlson Elite Omega-3 Gems provide 400 mg of EPA and 300 mg of DHA per serving.
  • Medical Scientists internationally are encouraging people to eat more fish. For individuals who do not eat an oily fish diet, Carlson offers substantial amounts of the Omega-3's EPA and DHA in easy-to-swallow soft gels.
  • Carlson Elite Omega-3 Gems are regularly tested (using AOAC international protocols) for freshness, potency and purity by an independent, FDA-registered laboratory and has been determined to be fresh, fully potent and free of detrimental levels of mercury, cadmium, lead, PCB's and 28 other contaminants.


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